Top Tech HVAC Service

If you love fixing things and working on your own with chances to earn bonuses while enjoying building connections with customers, then a career in HVAC Service might be a perfect fit for you. So why not start today while we pay the way?

Your HVAC Academy

When you enroll at Peterman Top Tech Academy, you are trained by long-time HVAC professionals in our state-of-the-art facility housed within our operations center.

Our facility has classrooms equipped with the latest technology, over 20 heating and cooling units from small to large to train on.

Your HVAC Service Curriculum

In as little as seven months, you will come into our industry from little to no experience to confident enough to handle even the most significant challenges.

Our curriculum includes a hybrid of live and virtual learning modules for more than 620 hours of training.

We hope to develop well-rounded students in both life and work. Each day will start with soft skills and customer interactions and time riding out with our Field Trainers to actual service calls.

Your HVAC Service Instructor

HVAC work involves problem-solving and critical thinking. You love to work with your hands, understanding the ins and outs of systems. HVAC technicians provide a valuable service that can make a real difference in people's lives.