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HVAC Course Overview

A Peterman HVAC tech wears many hats; they are technicians, problem-solvers, salesmen, and family. Brave enough to climb ladders and enter crawlspaces, these heroes help others in their times of need.

Fixing air conditioners and furnaces just begin to scratch the surface of a technician’s day. As a team member, you will build rapport with your customers through meaningful conversations and provide comfort in homes throughout central Indiana.

HVAC Curriculum

In just four short months, you will come into our industry from little to no experience to confident enough to handle even the most significant challenges.

Our curriculum includes a hybrid of live and virtual learning modules for 620 hours of training. 

We also incorporate those life skills that you often hear referred to as “Why didn’t they teach us that in high school.” In these life skills classes, you will learn how to handle car emergencies, budget your finances, meal plan and read a nutrition label, etc.

We hope to develop well-rounded students in both life and work. Each day will start with a segment of the Nexstar Process and time riding out with our Field Trainers to actual service calls twice per week.

Alan Richardson – HVAC Instructor