Top Tech Electrical

Electrical systems are essential to modern living, and electricians are always in demand. As people rely on these systems for comfort and safety, the need for skilled electricians who can install, maintain and repair them will continue to grow. So why not start today while we pay the way?

Your Electrical Academy

When you enroll at Peterman Top Tech Academy, you are trained by master electricians in our state-of-the-art facility housed within our operations center.

Our facility has multiple classrooms, electrical lab for hands on learning. You'll learn to work with EV charger installs, exterior and landscape lighting, surge protection, load calculations, panel health checks, running conduit, energy saving strategies, panel repairs and placements plus so much more.

Your Electrical Curriculum

In as little as 14 weeks, you will come into our industry from little to no experience to confident enough to handle even the most significant challenges.

Our curriculum includes in person classes plus in the field training.

We hope to develop well-rounded students in both life and work. Each day will start with soft skills and customer interactions and time riding out with our Field Trainers to actual service calls.

Skilled trades are valued globally. The skills and expertise acquired in a trade can open doors to job opportunities not only in local communities but also internationally. Tradespeople have the potential to work in various locations, making their skills highly portable.